2107- RhyDin 911 recieves a call from the owner of the RhyDin Singles Bar requesting fire apparatus. People possibly still inside.

2108- 911 recieves another call from a passer-by stateing smoke pillowing from the rear of the structure.

2108- Engines 1,2,3,4 Ladders 1,2 Rescue 1, Bat1,Car50,Car51,Air Light 1 are toned out.

2111- Engine 2 arrives on scene reporting heavy smoke from the rear of a 22,000sq ft building. They request Engine 3 lay supply lines to Engine 2.

2112-Bat1 arrives on scene and establishes command. Ladder 1 arrives and is assigned to venthilation.

2114- Engine 1,4.Ladder 2,Rescue 1, Air/Light 1, Car50,Car51 arrive on scene.E1 assigned RIT. E4,R1 assigned search. L2 assigned utilities.

2124- Engine 2 reports knockdown. Primary all clear.

2127- Engine 4 and Rescue 1 Report secondary all clear. Ladder 2 re-assigned to overhaul with Engine 2.

2136- Fire reported to be out. E4,E1,L2,R1 released. Car51 starts his investagation.

2157- All units in service except for E2.