Returning from a box at a nursing home Ladder 4 requests box be struck for a working fire at South Broadway and Mount Vernon Streets. fire in a 2 1/2 story wooden structure with fire in the attic. Electrical wires in front of the fire building prevented throwing the stick to the roof. As a result, several ground ladders had to be thrown in order to vent the attic. 2nd and third alarms struck as fire goes through the roof. Additional request of Lowell Ladder 3 directly to the fire. All companies ordered to evacute the building for exterior operations. Companies shortly returned to an interrior attack after the bulk of heavy fire knocked down. In addition to Lowell Ladder 3, Mutual Aid coverage recived from Methuen, Andover and Dracut.

E5,E6,E7,E8,E9,L4,L5,R1,C21,C20,C12,C23,C58,C55. Red Cross assisting 14 victims with housing.

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