The Fort Run Volunteer Fire & EMS Department in Greene County, N.C. battled a large grass and woods fire on Wednesday, March 8 that comsumed 75 acres before being controlled. The fire was started by unattended burning debris. The Fort Run department was assisted by Greene Co. departments Bull Head, Shine, Hookerton, and Snow Hill as well as Faro VFD from Wayne Co. The department also had assistance from the NC Forestry Service which had several rangers, 2 plows, and one scout airplane. The fireman battled the fire which was fueled by dry conditions and high winds for 5 hours. The Fort Run Fire Department also had one firefighter taken to the hospital suffering from heat exhaustion. Several houses were in danger in the path of the fire but was protected by the firefighters on the scene. Another grass fire in the Fort Run district was reported during this emergency and was handled by the Jason, Arba, and Snow Hill departments. Fort Run Fire Chief Neil Johnson credits the containment to the fine efforts of all the departments involved and the great work done by the NC Forestry Service.