Just after 0900 this morning, Northampton County Communications took a call for an accident with injuries, Dispatcher 13 sent the Easton Fire Department to work. Just minutes later a working fire was reported in another section of the city. Crews were able to handle both calls. The fire was contained to one room without laying a supply line. About 15 minutes later a fire alarm was received in another section of the city. Units handled this situation also. Then 20 minutes later a call for a natural gas leak was reported at the Police Station.
The City of easton is a fully paid department with 3 platoons working a 24/48 shift. Each platoon has 14 men assigned to it. Staffing includes 3 engines, 1 tower ladder, and 1 command/rescue truck. You can see why having this many calls in less than 45 minutes can be taxing for the department. However the citizens of Easton can rest easy knowing that they have 44 of The Bravest Men protecting them.