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    Post Seton Hall University - 9 injured in dryer fire

    On 3/8 in the evening a clothes dryer in the gymnasium caught fire. The fire was extinguished by two students using extrinquishers. 62 people were evacuated from the buiding and 9 were treated for smoke inhalation and released. The university says the lint filters are emptied twice a day, but the fire was probably caused by an excessive lint buildup. The dryers are use for drying athletic uniforms, towels, etc. Two weeks prior state fire inspectors found 800 fire code violations at the university. Most of them were minor and would not have affected the outcome of the tragic dormitory fire.

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    Thumbs up The Quick Connector is the answer!!!

    Log on to the website www.thequickconnector.com. Kip Hillman invented this dryer connection and has a patent for it, meaning it is not on the market yet!!!!

    Does your dryer take longer then 60 minutes to dry a load of laundry?? Is the dryer hot to the touch when running a cyle?? Are your clothes still wet after the drying cycle is finished??? Do you want to save money on your electric bill month after month??? Do you want to cut your drying time in half???? Do you call a repairman out to your house to reset your heating element??? Do you think you need a new dryer???? Have you even thought about A DRYER FIRE????

    These are some questions that can be answered by purchasing the quick connector!!! One price only $29.95!!! It installs in 5 minutes!!! You do not have to go outside to use it and it doesn't cram the lint in deeper!!!! It is much safer!!!

    I bought one, I pulled out my dryer from the wall, took off the nasty insulated vinyl hose (which voids dryer warantees), attatched the quick connector, screwed it into the wall and PRESTO I was done!!!!!

    Don't believe me, just try it!!!!

    Isn't your family, pets, customer and schoolchildren worth $29.95 to keep them safer!!!!

    Have you looked behind your dryer lately???

    Happy with my Quick Connect!!!!


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