On Sunday March 12, 2000 @ 14:52 The Pindars Corners Fire Department was toned out for a 2 car MVA on County route 11(west davenport road). We had equipment on the scene at 14:56. As we were starting patient assessment the county dispatch tone us again at 15:00 for a two car MVA on state highway #23. Because of more than enough manpower on scene #1 truck 2271 & 2211 responded code3 to scene #2. With no injuries at scene #1 we left 3 men there. 2271 showed on the scene at 15:07 and 2211 @ 15:11. Four pts. were transported to A.O. Fox Hospital by the Oneonta City Fire Department Ambulace. All equipment was back in service and in station @ 1604.

Frank Allen

"Volunteer and Loving it"