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    Greg Masi
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    Post Philadelphia, PA- Extra Alarm Fire

    Philadelphia Pa- 3-15-00

    Hours-1731- Box-4313 - Milnor & Bleigh Av
    Fire Reported at 5200 Bleigh Av- The Forge Company

    Squrt-38, E-36, Pipeline-52, Pipeline-18, Lad-20, Snorkel 28, B-12, B13

    Hours- 1738- Squrt 38 reports he has a 1 story building, heavy fire showing, all
    companies are to lead off with their largest waterlines.

    Hours- 1738--Medic-17, Deputy 2, and Rescue 1 are dispatched.

    Hours- 1742- On orders of Batt- 12- STRIKE OUT THE 2ND ALARM

    E-71, Pipeline-28,Pipeline-6,Pipeline-19, L-15, B-10, B-2, B-3, M-12,Field

    Hours-1744- 3RD ALARM IS STRUCK

    E-46, Pipeline 20, Pipeline 3, Pipeline-49, Pipeline-5, L-31, Batt-9

    Hours- 1746- Special Call- Pipeline-61

    Hours- 1749- Medic- 20 dispatched.

    Hours- 1750- Marine Unit- 1 dispatched.

    Hours- 1757- Pipeline-50 cover E-71

    Hours- 1802- Batt-12 reports he has 3 story building 300 x 175, with a large
    volume of fire on the 1st floor. This is a
    corrugated steel type building used a trash recycling center.He wants all
    companies to go in service with task force tips.

    Hours- 1809- Lad-1 and Air Unit 1 are dispatched.

    Hours- 1812. Bat- 12 reports they are having water problems. Companies are doing
    long stretches from Street.

    Hours-1830- E-62 cover Pipeline-18, L-22 cover L-20, Medic-1 cover Medic-17,
    Pipeline-5, cover P52, Squrt-43 cover Squrt-38, Snorkel 2, cover Lad-15

    Hours- 1850- Bat- 12 reports they are making good progress with water at this

    Hours- 1903- Per orders of CAR-3 FIRE UNDER CONTROL

    Greg Masi
    Phila.Second Alarmers

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    NJ Firecheif
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    Red face

    Sounds like it was a good job.....

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