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    aussie george
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    Post tyre warehouse fire sydney australia

    18 march 1119 hrs fire in rubber goods warehouse.building 100metres x 150 metres fully involved at time of arrival of first in company pump 30 at 1127hrs.14 pumps ,2 aireal platforms,1 rescue,breathing appratus support,hazmat 1 and incident command unit in attendence.fire under control 1400hrs.
    units in attendence
    pumps 19/30/65/27/15/16/72/73/55/66/22/62/14/
    rescue 15

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    aussie george
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    further to last mess other units in attendence hazmat 1,breathing apparatus support,incident command unit 1,2 aireal platforms ,platforms 27 and 18,4 operational commanders(batt chiefs),2 superintendents(dep chiefs),media officer,safety officer,fleet officer,fire investigation officers 1 and 5.a fire duty of 4 pumpers(engine companys)will be in attendence for approx 24 hours.

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