Philadelphia Pa 4-3-00

0921 Hours- Box- 5978- 1834 Arch St
Fire reported at 1924 Arch St- an apartment

Squrt-43, Pipeline-20, E-1, E-13, L-9, L-23, B-1, B-4, Medic-14

0923 Hours- Rescue-1 dispatched.

0924 Hours- Medic- 25 dispatched

0926 Hours- Squrt 43 reports he has 4 story building heavy smoke 2nd and 3rd floor

0930 Hours-Batt-4 reports he has a 5 story apt. building, 60 x 120. He has heavy
fire on the 4th floor, all hands are going in service.

0931 Hours- Pipeline-6 cover Pipeline-20, Tower Ladder 18 cover Lad-9, Squrt 57 cover Squrt-43


Squrt-57, Pipeline-6, E-24,E-11, E-44, Tower Ladder 18, B-3, B-7, B-11, Field Com-2

0936 Hours- Medic- 14 enroute to hospital with 1 victim who jumped from 3rd floor.

0937 Hours- Lad-1 , Air Unit- 2 dispatched.

0940 Hours- Medic- 3 is dispatched.

0943 Hours- Piepline-50 cover Squrt-43, Pipeline-49 cover E-1, Lad- 10 cover L-23

0944 Hours- Special Call- L-11, L-6

0953 Hours- Special Call- Pipeline-34

0957 Hours- L-3 cover L-9

0959 Hours- SA-1 enroute.

1001 Hours- E-70 cover E-50

1004 Hours- Medic-7 dispatched

1005 Hours- Batt-1 reports all fire is knocked down on 4th floor. Companies are
doing primary searches of all apts. All companies are making good progress.

1030 Hours- Fire Under Control

Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers

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