Heavy smoke on arrival prompted a call for more manpower and apparatus to the scene of this second alarm blaze. The fire was started when a plumber was sweating pipe on the outside of the house setting off a small fire that ran up the balloon frame structure and into the attic. While FFs from Ladder1 were venting, one of the truckmen fell through the vent hole but was quickly pulled from the hole by his partner. (be advised that Ladder1 was manned by 2 members on this date) The fire was placed under control and declared out approximately 45-60 minutes of the alarm. The assignment for this fire consisted of:
Headqaurters companies
Engine 1
Ladder 1
Rescue 1
Engine 4
Engine 3
Engine 2
And thanks to our Mutual Aid Brothers from Englewood Fd,Hackensack FD,Bergenfield FD
and special thanks to Box 54 (Teaneck FDs' rehab and canteen unit)

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