Multiple 911 Calls were reported for a mid morning garden apartment fire. Further reports with occupants trapped. Engine 51 arrived and reported a 2 story wood frame garden apt with a heavy working fire in progress. A second alarm was struck on arrival. Engine 51 and Battalion 51 forced entry into the structure, engine 51 attacked the main body of fire with an 13/4 handline (1" smoothbore) Battalion Chief Andrew West began an aggressive primary search. Battalion Chief Kyle Wofford assumed command of the incident. Engine 52 strectched a second 13/4 handline to protect the long end of the building. The fire extended into the attic, one victim was located and removed by B-51 and D-51. Interior crews were withdrawn by the orders of command, and an exterior master stream was put into operation by Tower 54. 4 units of the apartment complex were damaged by fire, 4 more units sustained minor secondary fire damage. This was a text book garden apartment fire. It had rapid fire spread due to the many voids, the roof failed early due to the light weight construction. Having a good garden apartment SOP and having a very disciplined first in company officer is the reason this fire did not consume the entire structure. New Smyrna Beach was assisted by Port Orange, Edgewater and EVAC provided medical assistance to both the fire victim and on scene firefighters.