041300: A Reading firefighter escaped serious injury after falling through a fire weakened roof at a fire which left 3 people homeless in the city's Northmont section. At 0301 hours box 515, Freemont and Delta Avenues was transmitted for a dwelling fire at 2325 Freemont Ave. Companies arrived at 0306 to find heavy smoke pushing from a 1 story single family ranch home. As engine companies were stretching lines, a crew went to the roof to open up. A firefighter from R-1 was sounding the roof when he fell through and caught himself on some rafters. The firefighter was able to extricate himself from the hole which was now pushing fire with the help of another firefighter from R-1. Although the firefighters' turnout gear & SCBA were damaged he suffered only a minor scratch and continued firefighting operations. The fire which began in a 1st floor room and extended into the loft area was extinguished by 2, 1&3/4-inch lines. The fire was placed under control at 0327 hours. Three occupants of the dwelling were left homeless and damage was estimated at $30,000. The accidental fire began in a pile of oily rags which spontaneously combusted. Companies asigned to the box: E9,11,12-1,L3,R1.Medic5, C5 & C7.