Effective April 13th 2000 the following apparatus assignment changes have been made in the Department of Fire & Rescue services: E-3 has been assigned a 2000 Spartan/KME 1500 gpm pumper. E-3's former 1992 KME 1500 gpm pumper has been re-assigned to E-5. E-5's 1987 KME 1500 pgm pumper has been re-assigned to E-8. E-8's 1977 Hamerly 1250 gpm pumper has been disposed of. E-11's former 1976 Hahn 1750 gpm pumper has been re-assigned to E-12. E-12's former 1984 International/Car-Mar 1000 gpm pumper has been stripped and will possibly be re-assigned to E-7 as a brush/water tender unit. Due to Snorkel 1 failing its aerial testing L-2 has been re-assigned to their station until repairs can be made to its bucket. Its unsure how long Sn-1 will be out of service.