Philadelphia Pa 4-25-00---2-Alarms Damage Industrial Building

0307 AM- Box- 835 State Rd & Unruh Av
Fire reported at 6795 State Rd- the Disston Company

Squrt-38, Pipeline-52, E-36, E-33, L-20, L-15, B-12, B-10.

0310 AM- Squrt 38 reports med. smoke from roof area of a industrial building.


E-14, E-71, Pipeline -18, E-7,Pipeline-28, Snorkel 28, B-13, B-2, B-8, Field Com-2, Medic-12, Deputy-2, Rescue-1

0323 AM- B-12 reports they have fire in a building 1 story 50 x 100. They have a 18 foot tank with oil involved. They are applying foam to the tank. He wants the
2nd Alarm companies to proceed in and stand by until further orders.

0332 AM- Medic- 2 dispatched.

0335 AM- Pipeline-6 cover Squrt-38, Pipeline 3 cover E-33, Pipeline -61 cover
E-71, Pipeline 20 cover Pipeline-28

0336 AM- Fire Under Control

Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers

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