On 4/29/2000 at approx: 13:30 PA DCNR fire tower watchers spotted a large area of smoke in the Barclay/Kahill Mountains of Bradford and Sullivan Counties in Pennsylvania. A Forest fire crew was dispatched from Hazelton, PA as were several airplanes to drop retardant on the rapidly spreading fire. At 14:00 Bradford County dept.'s :2, 4, 7, 8, 15, 21, 20, 22, 25, and 26 were dispatched to the Braclay mountain and also Kellogg Mountain. At approx: 15:30, Sullivan County stations: 53(Brush truck, tanker, engine manpower); 54(Brush Truck, Forest fire Crew, and manpower);55(Brush truck, tanker, and man power);56(brush truck, and man power); 57(ambulance, manpower, Engine 4 to Dept. (8)for cover up. Several foresty crews, trucks, and groundpounders were also dispatched. The fire crews were subject to a half-hour to a one hour hike up the mountain to the fire, and and several gators, and ATV's were dispatched to carry Indian Tanks. The fire was reported by an airplane that had made a fly by, and also by people on the ground. At approx 16:00 the fire was reported to be at least 1 mile wide consuming 50 acres on each side of the mountain. At the time of this report the fire is still not under control, although due to dangerous conditions with cliffs, and rough terrain several units were recalled, also the bridge on the logging road was unable to hold the equipment and tankers were turned away.

*****This does is in no way related to the Bradford or Sullivan County Fire Dept.