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    aussie george
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    Talking days activity sydney australia

    sydney australia tuesday may 2.
    total alarms transmitted=240
    busiest companys-
    flyer 1---18 runs
    pump 11---12
    pump 39---11
    pump 36---10
    pump 38---10
    pump 4----10
    runner 1--10

    busiest rescue
    rescue 1---8 runs(it was out of service at drill most of the day tour)
    1 incident was eq to a 2nd alarm a fire in a block of shops 100 x 30 fire damange to 4 shops and fire dam to 3 residences on level 2 time of alarm 0031 fire under control at 0120.units in attendence;
    pump 36
    pump 3
    pump 53
    pump 38
    runner 1
    pump 61
    pump 25
    rescue 36
    ladder platform 36
    operational commander north
    breathing appratus support 2
    fire investigation unit 1

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    aussie george
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    i better not forget the guys from dispatch who responded on the above fire on incident command 1.one of 4 runs of the day for them. incident command 1 and 2 are like mobile field communications units and respond to all fires where 4 or more pumps are working.

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