050300: A fire in a 5th floor apartment of a Reading high-rise was quickly extinguished,but injured the occupant and left him homeless. At 1616 hours an engine,ladder and chief were dispatched to an alarm system activation at the Court Towers, 777 Court street. Companies arrived at 1618 hours and were greeted by a tenant in the lobby of the 11 story 50x250 foot building,reporting a fire in a 5th floor apartment.The 1st due engine requested the box to be filled out and made their way to the fire floor with the 1st due ladder company as fire communictaions transmitted high-rise box 1618.
Companies arrived on the 5th floor to find a heavy smoke condition and a fire involving the kitchen of apartment 503. The 5th floor was evacuated as other firefighters used pressurized water extinguishers to knock down the fire as a standpipe line was being deployed. The fire was placed under control at 1638 hours but units needed an additional hour to ventilate smoke from the 5th & 6th floors.
The tenant of the apartment was treated at a local hospital for smoke inhalation. He was left homeless by the fire which caused a few thousand dollars in damage and was started by unattneded food on a stove.Companies assigned: Still alarm: E1,L2,C7. Fill out box:E3,5,13,L1,L3,R1,Medic 6 & 7, C1