On 5/4/00
At approx: 10:45 am, Station 57 was dispatched to Box 57-2, Route 220, Cherry Twp. for a structure fire, fully involved. (This was the first and probably only call that was reported by E-mail. A businessman in town noted a large quantity of smoke in the hills surrounding town, and e-mailed a local volunteer asking where the fire was. When he replyed there was no fire, he recieved a call
to look to the south east of town, and so began this newly discoved method of dispatch.)
At 10:50am station 57, was dispatched via fire siren, and responded. Engine 57 on scene reports large barn or shed, fully involved, Heavy smoke and Flame showing. The building was totally destroyed, also an old tractor and at least 50 chickens were killed.
Units responding from station 57 were, Tanker 57; Engine 57; ambulance 1-57; and Tanker 58 was also called to assist. there was one civilian injury prior to company arrivial, a dog bite.