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    Red face Jersey City N.J "A"Group has a busy & HOT day

    Group "A" of the Jersy City N.J Fire Dept. kept busy on the 8th of May with 2 all hands fires and (1) 2nd alarm fire in a 12 hour period.The first all hands came in around 1320 Hrs, address of 548 Bramhall Ave , fire was in a 3 sty structure, fire was on the 1st floor and was put under control in 15minutes.
    The 2nd all hands fire came in around 1530 hrs for box 851, address of 1 Holly St in the Society Hill townhouse development. Fire was in the 1st floor apartment of a 3.5 story townhouse, first due units quickly knockdown the fire but there was possible vertical extension due to the type contruction of the building, this prove to be negative and the fire was put under control.
    The 2nd alarm fire came in at 2345 hrs for 120 Armstrong Ave Box 859. Fire Dispatch was also receiving reports of people on the roof.First due Engine 22 and Tower Lader 4 arrived to find fire on the 2nd floor of a 3 sty frm(20x35) the 1st floor was ground level
    The fire was on 2nd floor rear and was extending up to the 3rd floor. Battalion 2 put the 2nd alarm in so he could rotate crews in the building because of the hot humid night.
    Not sure if there was actual people on the roof,there was no reports of people being removed from the roof when units went to work.Fire was under control in about 30 minutes

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    I responded to box 859 after hearing on JCPD south channel that they were receiving multiple calls reporting a working fire @ 120 Armstong Ave and people trapped on the roof. @ 2345 hrs FDJC Fire Dispatch transmitted box 859 for a fire reported @ 120 Armstrong Ave. A minute after the box was transmitted Dispatcher Lovero notified responding units he was receiving calls of people trapped on the roof of the fire building. Eng 22 the first to arrived reported a working fire on the 2nd fl of a 3 sty frm (25x50).Trk 4 (1984 Mack/Baker TL) pulled in front of the building. With the initial report of people trapped Trk 4's Capt advised his crew "not" to put the bucket up due to electrical wires all over the place, however I witnessed one of the best attempted rescue's in my 24 years of fire buffing. A truckman of Trk 4 manuevered the bucket under and between the wires to put the bucket on the roof with a fireman in it, however there were (-) results of people trapped. All along the fire was extending to the 3rd fl. Batt 2 BC Terpack requested an additional 2 Eng's and a Trk. After seeing the wires in front of the fire building and Trk 4's position, BC Terpack requested Fire Dispatch to fill out the 2nd Alarm, and have all trk co's report to the front of the fire building with 45' grnd ladders. This 2nd alarm could have turn out to be a real disaster with out the efforts of trk co 4.


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