Jersey City (Hudson) At 1435 hrs FDJC Fire Dispatch transmitted box 692 for a fire reported at 154 Summit Ave. Res1cue was the first to arrive and reported a working fire and immediatly requested a 2nd alarm as they had a three story frame "going good" on the first floor with extention to the 2nd floor and to exposure "D". Res1cue received reports from area residents of the occupants missing and Deputy 1 requested the 3rd Alarm along with one additional Eng and two additional Trk's over the 3rd alarm, as the fire extended to the third flr and cockloft of the orignal fire building and into the cockloft of exposure "D". This was a good fire and through the confusion of fighting the fire it was learned that the occupants were at school and at work when this fire started. Truck Co 11 which was 1st due on the 3rd alarm got into an accident on the was to the fire scene no info on the status as of yet, however this city's Fire Department which "was" great in past years has been reduced to a very small department and the fire activity while increaseing over the last few months has taken a toll on the apparatus. This fire alone had 3 reserve Engine Co's and a reserve Trk. The city is going through the biggest ecomnomic boom in the last fifty years and the city's goverment continues to mismanage it's resources. At one time this city could handle 2-3 mutiple alarm fires at one time now it can barley handle one.