Crosby, Texas Fire-Rescue responded to a report of a structure fire on the evening of May 10th, 2000. Initial dispatch was at 18:46 hrs. First arriving officer was Asst. Chief/EMT-P Russell White at 18:50 who reported heavy smoke and fire from a one story wood frame single family dwelling. Crosby E-803 arrived 2 minutes later with a 3 man crew and began an aggressive interior attack through a side entrance. Tanker 801 carrying 2500 gallons of water arrived simultaneously with a 3 man crew, and was ordered to supply E-803 with water. following securing of water supply, 2 firefighters from T-801 assisted E-803 with fire attack and primary search. Command requested Huffman VFD tanker 25 to respond to the fire as well for additional water if needed. Crosby Rescue 806 arrived shortly after and began ventilation and assisted with fire control. Crosby EMS A841 arrived and established Rehab. Initially A841 treated a juvenile female at the scene for smoke inhalation. No transport was made. Crosby Engines 805 and 804 arrived with 3 man crews and replaced initial attack units as they came out for rehab and bottle change. A level 2 accountability was called for and PAR's were completed every 20 minutes as per s.o.p. the fire was tapped out approximately 1 hour after initial dispatch. Firefighters stopped the progression of fire at the point it was found, but had difficulty completely extinguishing due to the fact the house had been added on to multiple times and had several different construction methods in the walls and ceilings at various points within the home. Homeowners stated a candle was lit in a bedroom, and curtains were ignited resulting in the ensuing fire. Crosby fire Marshal Shawn Russi determined that to be the source of the fire. All units were back in service by 22:00 hours. The home received 60% fire damage, but will be a total loss due to smoke and fire control damage. no injuries other than minor smoke inhalation already mentioned.

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