A fire in a city row-house killed 11-year old twin boys and their grandmother in a predawn blaze.The fire in the 800 block of N.Plum street caused $500,000 damage to 4 row-homes in the block. Three other people were injured. The alarm came in at 4:26 a.m.Arriving firefighters found three people out on the second floor roof that were removed by ground ladders.Crews pushed in the front door knocking down fire as they went, finding the grandmother at the bottom of the steps leading to the second floor.They were making their way up the steps to the second floor when the porch roof collapsed, cutting their 1.75" hose line and blocking their escape rout! At this point they had to abandon their rescue attempt of the twins on the second floor.Heavy fire conditions on the second floor forced other crews out of the building also.The block long row of connected homes had mansard roofs front and rear with no fire stopping on the brick seperation walls between the units , fire spread in both directions distroying the third floor on 4 homes. I'll try to get back and update this later! This turned into a General Alarm for the city bringing volunteer companies from outside the city to help with the battle.Companies from Station 2-4 Eden and Station 6-6 Lancaster Twp. were both on location with the tower/ladders.