On Thursday May 18, 2000 the first alarm went out at 16:24 for the Pindars Corners Fire Department. That call was for a tree down with wires in front of my home. At 16:25 2202 signed on the air. He along with 2 firefighters were in route at 16:26. Before they were on the scene of this call county dispatch toned us for another tree with wires call on county highway 11, in front of 2202 home. From that point on we answered a total of 16 calls for wires and trees down, and debri in the road way. All Pindars Corners units were back in service by 20:45. For more on this storm visit www.thedailystar.com .

Units Involved

2211 pumper
2271 rescue
2291 Brush truck/utility
2212 back up pumper
2202 1st Asst. cheif
2204 3rd Asst. cheif