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    Greg Masi
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    Post Philadelphia, PA-Mass Casualty Incident

    Philadelphia Pa May 18, 2000

    Mass Casuality Incident

    2003 Hours- 735 S. Christopher Columbus Blvd

    Reported to be a Pier Collapse

    Pipeline-3, Snorkel-2, Batt-4, Medic-21, Rescue 1

    2005 Hours- Squrt-8 enroute to Marine Unit 1.

    2006 Hours- Box Filled Out

    Box- 1523- Delaware & Fitzwater St

    E-11, E-53, E-10, L-27, B-1

    2007 Hours- Pipeline-3 reports people trapped in rear off end of pier

    2008 Hours- B-4 reports he has a mass Casuality Incident.

    2009 Hours- Medic 14, Medic 11 and ES-4 are dispatched

    2010 Hours- Batt- 4 reports he has a major collapse with 25 people in the river. Water temp is approx. 60 degrees.

    2010 Hours- Marine Unit 2 is dispatched with E-47

    2012 Hours- ES-10 and E-66 dispatched. (Mass Casuality Unit)

    2013 Hours- Light Wagon 1 dispatched.

    2015 Hours- E-29 and Rescue 101 dispatched ( Collapse Unit)

    2019 River Box Struck

    Box- 1523 Delaware & Fitzwater St

    Pipeline-49 ,Tower Ladder-4, B-7

    2021 Hours- Navy Base is sending a boat for rescue operations.

    2022 Hours- 2nd Alarm is Struck

    Pipeline-20, Squrt-43, E-60, E-13, Pipeline-6, L-23, B-3, B-11, B-8, Field

    2026 Hours- Medic-7, Medic-15,and Medic-37 are dispatched.

    2028 Hours- Car-6 enroute

    2029 Hours- E-78 responding with rapid Response Boat

    2030 Hours- Car- 2 enroute

    2035 Hours- Car 1 enroute

    2036 Hours- Tac Air 1 and Tac Air 2 enroute

    2038 Hours- CU-3 enroute

    2041 Hours- SA-1 enroute

    2050 Hours- 3 boats enroute from Delaware County at this time

    2100 Hours- Medic- 20, Medic-32,Medic-33,and Medic-19 are dispatched.

    2244 Hours- Incident Under Control

    Note- There were a total of 37 people transported to area hospitals. 2 in
    serious condition, and also 7 firefighters treated for various injuries. Also as
    of this writing there are 3 confirmed fatalties, and 4 people unaccounted for.

    Note- The following agencies responded during this incident

    Delaware County- 5 boats
    Camden County 7 boats
    Gloucester County- 1 boat
    New Jersey State Police- 1 dive team
    Tinicum Township- 1 boat
    Garden State Underwater Recovery Unit
    Phila Police Marine Unit
    U.S. Coast Guard

    Greg Masi
    Phila.Second Alarmers

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    Coming from that area it is indeed distressing and sad to hear this report.The report itself however was very professional and comprehensive. Thank you.

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