Jersey City, NJ (Hudson) on June 8,2000 The Jersey City Fire Department (FDJC) held it 14th annual award ceremony at the old Railroad Terminal at Liberty State Park. This is usually a ceremony that recaps the outstanding bravery of certain firefighters whom went far and beyond the call of duty, however this event marked the first time in Jersey City that "fire buffs" were honored for continued support of FDJC. A number of members of the Gong Club were honored as this club is the official "Canteen Unit" of FDJC. This is special honor as the Gong Club celebrates it's 50th anniversary. This club has operated at fires in Jersey City and the surrounding area in support of their hobby fire buffing. I would like to take time to congratulate the following whom where bestowed the title of Honorary Battalion Chief: Warren C. Zapp (founding & life member,FDJC historian) Ronald Jeffers (life member,FDJC photographer,retired Police Sgt, Editor 1st responder news) J.Paul Scheatzle (life member, treasurer, FDJC historian,)Ira Rubin (life member,FDJC historian)and Joseph Lovero (life member, FDJC historian, dispatcher. The following members have showed dedication to both the art of being a firebuff and being there when needed by FDJC My hat goes off to these gentelmen.

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