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    Question How does your dept. handle prank calls?

    exactly what the subject is.
    How does your department handle prank calls?

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    Well my dept treats prank calls like any other fire call. UNLESS it is extremely Obvious its a prank call..such as 1 time kids were laughing and saying there house was on fire and they cant get out. Well..we just sent 3 nice police officers and 2 Fire chiefs to their house and had a nice long chat with the parents and children. But this was during one of our annual picnics so they just told 1 eng and 1 Truck to stay close to their trucks just in case..but any other alarm where people say something is going on then we respond like any other alarm unless PD or chief on scene reports nothing showing. the thing that gets peoplethe most is the CELL PHONE!! Had someone on a cell phone report heavy black smoke pouring from a structure on the highway that was currently underconstruction. So we figured the insulation and stuff in teh roof caught fire...meanwhile PD is tied up across town with a Pretty bad MVA so all hell pretty much broke loose. We sent all our apparatus 4 Engine,1 Snorkel , 1 Ambulance and Rescue to the "Location" and all for nothing...we did a search ofhte site nothing showed up but the thing that kindof led of us to believe it was a Prank besides no smoke or fire showing was that the caller wasnt there when we ALLL arrived...kindof funny when you think about it All those trucks come screaming up the highway and get on scene and go HEY WHERES THE FIRE?!?!?! But Of course its not Funny that people should do that all the time luckily our town is small and it takes 5 minutes to get to each side of town... Luckily our fire prevention program is excellent havent had a house fire or anytype of structural fire in over a year and a half!...the last fire was actuall ya 4 bay garage for a paid ambulance service (not the guys who cover town our towns ems is volly) which concluded the whole building being on fire over the last 20yrs..1978 the office section of the building burnt..it used to be a car dealership,5 years ago the service garage attached to the main building had an explosion killing 1 worker..damaging 5 ambulances and what a mess that was...and finally the 3rd part ofhte building cought fire which was the garage that burnt pretty nicely...sorry to get off of hte topic..

    South Amboy, New Jersey
    Junior EMS Responder

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