On 6/17/00 at 10:30 pm Bradford co. (PA)
Sullivan Co. Station 57 was dispatched to assist dept. 8 New Albany for a car on its roof. Upon arrivial BLS units assist the dept 8 QRS in searching for the vehicle. As this accident provided no tire tracks as would later be discovered. It was determind that a car with an undisclosed number of intoxicated drivers failed to negotiate a curve in the road way, and went approx 60 yards off the road into an open field at a very high rate of speed. after traveling this distance the car "plunged" off a steep drop-off, and went air-borne for an estimated 200-250 yards. It completely cleared the tops of several 25-30+ foot high trees, landed on its roof, and then came to rest on all 4 tires in a small creek. missing a large pipe for a logging road by 2-1/2 inches. None of the occupants were using seatbelts, and probably would never have been found, if they would have been. The occupant walked from the car to the road way where the flagged down a passing motorist and went to a near by farm to call an ambulance. The car was very well totaled, as two deep bashes were found in the windshield from the front seat passengers. the only injuries were lacerations to the face, head, and arms. This is a miricle, maybe a once in a life time happening, more people are killed by just overturning their cars, and they literally flew off a cliff!!!