Jersey City NJ (Hudson) 6-17-00 @ 20:07 hrs FDJC Fire Dispatch transmitted Signal Station 697 for a fire reported at 569 Montgomery St. (This is a city owned 14 story hi-rise apartment complex scene of numerous False Alarms)Upon arrival units were led to the 3rd where fire was located in a apartment. (FDJC Fire Dispatcher can transmit a 2nd alarm upon the charging of a line because of the amount of apartments in each building) This was a quick knock down as this fire was under control by 20:30 hrs.

Jersey City NJ (Hudson) at 18:53 hrs Fire Dispatch transmitted Signal Station 521 for a fire reported at 332 Duncan Ave. (You could hear the phones ringing and the dispatchers saying they're on the way) Upon arrival Eng 9 said they had heavy smoke on the 4th floor and was attemping to locate the source. They found a couch in the hallway of the 4th floor and had a problem with water, so they charged the standpipe and a 2nd alarm was struck by the dispatcher this was a prolonged operation as numerous occupants were calling regarding the smoke condition on th upper floors.

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