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    Question Morning Pride Turn Out Gear ?

    My dept is in the process of purchasing some Morning Pride Turn Out Gear, does anyone know anything about it, good, bad, or indiferent? I f anyone can help me out I would appreciate it!

    Lt. Chuck


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    Our dept has one (1) set of that, and there is a reason why. The first interior attack that was made with it, was the last. A large hole burned through the right shoulder!

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    my dept issues it and i also own 2 personal sets of morning pride and love it, i have never had any problems with it.

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    the hole that burned in the gear would likely have happened to any brand..thats a fabric issue as opposed to a manufacturer issue. Anyway I just finished a spec for MP gear and ive tried it asked about it and LIKE it. Heres a forum where I posed a similar question: http://www.firehouse.com/interactive...ML/000243.html

    The information presented herin is simply my opinion and does not represent the opinion or view of my employer(s) or any department/agency to which I belong.

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    The the dept. I am affiliated with currently issues Morning Pride turnout gear. Approx. 3/4 of the active firefighters in our dept. are currently outfitted with it. We did extensive testing with four manufacturers and had the best results for wear, manuverbility, and durability with Morning Pride. We currently have a firefighter who is a Morning Pride rep. If you need any info on the product or have any questions about Morning Pride, Reply and I will have the rep. contact you asap. Hope this helps!

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    Guess I'm out spoken.Our neighboring companies in the townships who get local taxes all buy MP, I hear, and it works ok for them. In the borough's we have to buy our own gear and Globe is the longest lasting we know of. I guess if you are buying a lot of gear most dept's go with MP, I think it is less costly.
    It just suprised me that a hole would burn in it so easy, we still have some of the old long coats from the 30's and 40's and they likely saw more than we can ever provide and no holes in them. Just our luck I guess.

    be safe..........

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    We have used MP gear for several years here at out Plant as well as my fire dept. It works great!!!

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    Thumbs up

    I wear tested Morning Pride gear with the Basofil outer shell, The signature series, I would never want to wear anything else now, It is lighter than anything else I have worn and also cooler. The set I tested was put through 15 burns in a burn building and several real structure fires and It held up very well.

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    Our department purchased MP gear last year and we LOVE it.We purchased the signature series Basofil, which at the time was brand new. While i was going through fire school I wore it in a high intensity room and didn't feel a bit of heat. Although my helmet was toast. So if I had the choice it would definately be Morning Pride.

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    My Dept has issued MP for years. It's a good reliable turnaout. Recently we switched to Globe. Since I have experience with both I believe their quality is relatively equal. The Globe turnout is a little lighter. The material in out new Globe turnouts is a Nomex Ripstop.

    Capt Bill Dumas
    Garden Grove FD
    Southern California

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