On 6/27/00 at approx 23:55pm Voluntary fire men from station 57 and engine 58 were dispatched to Box 57-1, the Overton Hill Road for a barn fire. Upon arrival, chief 1-57 reports large barn fully involved, roof collapsed, 40-50, dairy cows trapped indoors.
Knowing the danger involved members who arrived on scene before equipment, and citizens that came to help removed all but 1 cow who was killed by a falling beam. Upoon arrival of engine 57, it was decided to call Tanker 8, 53, and 58. Dept 27, moved to 57 station for cover up, and station 50 to 58 station also for cover up. Units from stations 8,58,27,53,and 50 were avail. by 04:00am. Station 57 remained on scene till 10:15 am removing burning hay from the barn, extinguish all hot spots, and clean up the mile of LDH tangled around trees, and fence posts!Units responding were: Engine 57, Tanker 57. Squad 57, Amb. 1-57, Amb.2-57, engine 58, tanker 58, tanker 53, tanker 8, engine 1-50,27BW 1, 8 engine 1. Station 57 is still a mess! there is at least 5,000 feet of 1-3/4" and 3" hose!