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    Angry Mascot Stolen From Station

    One of the Fire Stations in my area has this mascot, it is a big stuffed elephant that they hide in a different spot around the station every day. This is a big deal to everyone that lives nearby. I have heard of car accidents resulting from drivers trying to find this elephant~they weren't paying attention to the road. Well, two nights ago, the darn thing was stolen right off the front porch of the station. The luitenant came in around 7 for his shift and it was gone. This will be the second time...the first time some football players stole it, mailed it back, and put a rival teams name and address as the return address. I think this is a pretty funny story. Does anyone else out there have similar stories of missing mascots or the like(the dept.'s garden gnome or lawn jockey) I'm interested in hearing about em.

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    A few years ago we had a neighboring fire department stand by for us during our annual installation dinner. I guess they got a little bored and decided that they needed to do something for us to remember the evening. We have a storage facility (You know the 'U-Store-All type places) that has a 15 foot gorilla sitting on top of the office. They decided that this gorilla would look better in the firehouse. They laddered the building and started to try to remove the gorilla. What they didn't know is that there is a 24/7 caretaker on premises that called the police on them. After PD arrived and everything was explained, he declined to press charges and said that his only concern was for the firefighters safety as the gorilla had to be put up there by crane and weighs several hundred pounds !!
    Now they stick to things like filling the chiefs office with styrofoam peanuts and the like.

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    Great news!!! Mascot Found. It just showed up three days later on the front porch, right where it went missing from. No need to cry over spilled.....peanuts.

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    Really Funny- BUT- Really annoying especially if your station has alot of neighbors. Set you station siren to attack, or warble, as in an air raid tone, so it will go up and down.... and will not stop, hide the keys. Good joke to do while your still a junior, so they will have a little pitty on you!

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