Sullivan County, Pa see's string of bad MVA's!

On 6/30/00 (FATAL)
at 10:30 pm Station 57 was dispatched to MVA with fire, and ejection. Upon arrival 57 unit 1 finds a male victim in the road way, 4 persons confined in a van, and a pick-up truck torn in half blocking the road. The man told rescuers that he had been hit by the van after he tried to flag down a passing car, when his truck broke down. Approx. 1 gal. of fuel was spilled, and the engine of the van was on fire. Occupants of the van were freed by bystanders prior to rescue arriving, the fire was also extinguished prior to our arrival. The patient struck by the van was flown by medical helicopter, and later passed during surgery. Units responding were, unit 157(pov), amb 157, amb 257, squad 57, eng. 457(Landing Zone). Guthrie One Helicopter, MICU 101. (PSP reconstruction team)

On 7/5/00 at 7:00pm Station 57 was dispatched to Bradford County for a 2 car MVA head on. to assist New Albany Valley Fire Dept. 8. Upon arrival of 8-car1, 1 patient entrapped in a car, squad 57 ordered to expedite. Patient was extricated with HURST tools, and hydrolic jacks. Transported class 3. Units responding were Amb 157, amb 257, squad 57, MICU 101, MICU 104, 8 QRS1, 8 ENG2, and the PSP.

On 7/6/00 (FATAL)
at 6:00pm Station 57 was dispatched to Bradford County for a Car vs. Motorcycle. Patient thrown upto 20 feet. Patient was flown by helicopter, class 1. passed later in night. Units responding were amb. 157, Amb. 257, 8 QRS1, 8 ENG2, MICU 103, Guthrie One Helicopter.

On 7/6/00
at 9:00pm station 57 was dispatched to Bradford County for a 1 car MVA roll over with ejection. On scene units report 1 person eject, 3 people entrapped. It was later discovered, that nobody was in the vehicle. The patient suffered head injuries, and was not sure if his friends has came with him. He was flown by Life Lion Helicopter. Units responding were:
MICU 101, MICU 104, MICU 103, 7 ENG1, 7 ENG2, 7 ENG3. 25 RESCUE1, amb 157.| | 7 UNIT1, 7 UNIT2, 7 UNIT3(all pov)| | Life Lion Helicopter. All units were called to the scene in a possible mass casuality "mode" as it was believe up to 5 people to be trapped in the crushed, and SEVERELY mangled car. The vehicle skidded 75 feet on its roof, so as you can immagine it was pretty well flat!

This is not in any way associated to the Sullivan County Fire Dept.