Jersey City N.J. (Hudson) on July 7, 2000 at 0745 Area residents ran to the quarters of Eng Co 10 and Trk Co 12 to report a working fire with people trapped, Members of both Co's were in the process of being relieved and as many as five firefighters ran to the fire reported at Communipaw & Haliday to find a working fire with people trapped. FDJC Fire Dispatch transmitted Box 650 along with W/F units (additional Eng,Trk, Battlion Chief and Deputy Chief). Members of Eng 10 & Trk 12 entered the fire building without the protection of a hose to save 3 civilians. Members of Eng Co. 10 and Trk Co. 12 deserve the highest honor in saving the lifes of the area residents in which they serve.