Members of the Avondale Fire Company is Chester County PA were dispatched at approx 1600 on Tue 18 July to a reported structure fire. Also on the inital dispatch were automatic mutual aid departmetns Hockessin (DE) and West Grove. While responding the Asst Chief reported a large column of black smoke in the area of the fire. As he arrived he reported fire through the roof. The first alarm Tanker Task force was immediately dispatched due to a lack of hydrants in the area this along with the 2nd alarm brought companies from PA and De to the scene. As the 5000 Sq Ft structure burned a third alarm was called to assist the companies on scene as the worked in near 90 degree temps with a very high humidity to bring this blaze under control. Over 12 companies battled this fire before it was declared under control some 2 hours later. Watch for pics at