charlotte nc,charlotte firefighters have had a busy day. the first fire was an 8 unit strip mall at 3500 s. tryon street. engine 2 on scene fire showing from 2 damaged three stores before control. engine2,10 ladder 2 working fire engine 12,rescue ten.second fire 1800 beatties ford rd near susan street 2 story wood apartment smoke showing for engine held to unit of orgin.extra engine and ladder due to heat 100 plus degrees. engines5,18 ladder18 working fire engine 4,rescue 10 ladder4 decon 13 called for water spray to cool off firefighters. 5550 monroe rd at station 3 6 car mva engine 3 rescue 3 on scene 6 injuried.cause of accident was city bus stopped. charlottte running 200 calls per day on average.