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    Post Detached Garage up in Flames

    This afternoon approx. 1657 hrs a fire was reported in the alley 400 Block South Spruce St. As per 1st Alarm assignment Bonne Terre City Engines 3261 & 3262 with Terre Du Lac FD
    Engine 4562 and Big River FD Squad 3485 was dispatched. On arrival of the Chief, light smoke was showing for the 25x35 detached garage, BTC 3261 arrived 3 minutes later with the roof well involved. Engine 3261 laid 200' of 5" LDH. Crew form 3261 pullled 2-1.5" preconnects for defensive attack. Shortly after the suppression started the roof collasped into the garage. Crew from BTC 3262, Terre Du Lac FD 4562 and Big River FD 3485 provide relief crews and overhaul.
    The air temperature was 95 degrees with a heat index of 105.

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    Well it happened again, another detached garage up in flames. 5 days later almost the same scene-different address on the other side of town, but this time had extension into the residence due the radiate heat, little damage to the house.
    Hope this not a trend starting to happen.

    Till next time, they light-em, we fight-em.

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