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    Post NYC Fire 0935 EDT 8/11

    Missed most of a clip of a "breaking news" fire in New York City, will post more when I find out unless someone else beats me to it, and if it is truly a noteworthy fire by NYC standards. Gotta be faster with the mute button here at work so I can hear next time.

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    OK, sounds like FDNY is rescuing 10 people trapped in an elevator at the World Trade Center. No fire.

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    (From CNN.com)

    A World Trade Center elevator carrying 10 people lurched to a stop on the 78th floor shortly before 8:30 a.m. Friday, leaving six people with minor injuries, New York City Fire Department Chief Brian Dixon said.

    Rescue units shut off power to the elevator. Victims were removed to another elevator through side panels in the elevators, the fire department said.

    Initial reports that the elevator dropped several floors were false, Dixon said.

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