Aug 10 - After firefighters were up most of the night fighting a townhouse fire in Lake Arbor early Thursday morning, they weren't given any time to rest during the day. The second fire for the day was dispatched at 9:13 AM, five hours after returning from 11219 Lake Overlook Place, the scene of the first fire.

The warehouse at 1205 Marblewood Ave in Chapel Oaks, Md, located next door to Company 38, had fire in a auto repair shop. Units from Kentland could see the smoke column from less than a half mile from the station while responding. Tower 33's crew opened the roof while additional personnel initiated a search and began overhaul. Units remained on the scene for approximately an hour and a half.

The third fire of the day was dispatched at 2:36 PM for an apartment fire at 9909 Greenbelt Road in Greenbelt, Md. Units arrived on the scene with smoke showing from side 3 of the garden apartment. Tower 33 responded and arrived on the scene as the second truck on the third floor apartment fire. The crew performed a search, shut of the utilities and initiated ventilation. Units remained on the scene until 4 PM.

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