On August 12,2000 a 4 alarm blaze broke out in Cambridge Ma. in a one hundred year old building at the corner of Columbia and Broadway streets.

On arrival Engine 1 spotted heavy black smoke coming from the roof and the Captian ordered a full first alarm and a second alarm.

Mutial Aide worked great as always.These are the Mutial Aide asingments.

On 1 alarm the city of Somerville sent there ladder 1 to the seen.

On 2 alarm in Cambridge,the city of Somerville sends there engine 3 to cover engine 4.

Boston sends there engine 22 and ladder 15 to cover eng.3 and ladder 2,on arrival at the station eng.22 was ordered to the seen.

On third alarm the Somerville engine that was covering engine 4 was sent to the seen,and engine 1 from Arlington was sent to cover eng.4

On third alarm the city of Brookline there ladder 2 to the seen.

On fourth alarm the city of Watertown sent there engine 1 to the seen.

All equipment from the city of Cambridge was on seen this includes;
8 engines,
4 ladders*,
2 rescues,
Deputy Chief cars 2,3 and C-6 the Chiefs car,
and including spe-ops trucks;
Command Center 1,
Spe-ops Truck 1,
The Rehab Truck**,
Motor Squads 1 and 2,
Investigations unit(C-9).

*Ladder 5 is the reserve ladder which was inplace of ladder 4.
**The Rehab truck is a Auxilary truck.