charlotte/mecklenburg n.c. a line of severe weather has caused a number of fires and other damage around the area.working fires in charlotte.2200 selwyn dr,1100 rama rd,1300w. sugar creek,tress on houses.nottingham st,park place plaza.roofs off 2 truck stops at I77 at sunset rd.60,000 area people without power. working fires in county.9530 idlewild rd,120 trade st matthews,10250 college station 3 story apt. 1 unit. all city and county units working or covering. high schools told to postpone football games,no ems units in service.other counties.gaston county city of dallas.3 moblie homes blown over on injuries. store fire 138 s. new hope rd.power lines on vehicles I85 at county line.sroms going on 2 hours still getting calls of power lines and trees down.300 calls in last 2 hours.200 is normal day. county has just called all vfd stations to be manned until futher notice.union county repoting a number of lightning strikes to buildings some fires.getting heavy weather at this time.1 death now reported due to tree on vehicle.