Aug 20, 2000
Just before 4:30 on Sunday afternoon firefighters from five engine and four special service companies responded to 5214 Monroe Place for a commercial building fire. Engine Co. 9 (Bladensburg) arrived on the scene of the commercial launders building with fire on the roof.
Firefighters from Kentland Tower 33 and Bladensburg Telesquirt 9 placed aerials on the roof and quickly extinguished the fire and began overhaul. The cause of the fire was excessive lint building up and the failure of the heavy duty lint traps. Thousands of pounds of lint and exhaust fans were removed from the roof to insure no hot spots remained. Firefighters cleared the scene just after 6 PM.

Firefighters from Bladensburg, Tuxedo-Cheverly, Cottage City, Brentwood, Landover Hills, Chapel Oaks, Riverdale, Mount Rainer and Kentland Volunteer Fire Departments operated on this fire. No civilian or firefighters were injured on this incident.

Kentland Volunteers
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