On 8/20/2000 at Approx 05:55 am Sullivan County, Pa Firemen from Stations 53-Forksville; 54-hillsgrove; 55-Endless Winds; 56 Eldersville. Were dispatched to the Wyoming State Forest-Access Road Off Rte. 154 in Fox Twp. For a Structure fire.
After the allowed five minutes passed, a second alarm was sent out for the 4 stations.
Chief 1-53 radioed, that the pagers and sirens were not being activated on High or Low band frequency's. It was discoved that the only high band repeater in the area had stopped working. They switched to another tower in the eastern area of the county, and finally were able to dispatch the companies. Upon arrival of Chief 55, the structure waas fully involved.
There was an estimated 5-10 minute delay from when the fire was discovered, to when 911 was called, as the owners had to drive to a near by residence to call, and a 10-15 minute delay from the inital page, to when the Endless wind fire company arrived onscene. Units responding in order of arrival: Brush truck 55, Engine 55, Tanker 53, Engine 53, Truck 56, Amb. 54, Engine 54.