Orange Virginia

At approximately 2020 on 8/21/00, Engine Companies 23, 24, and 10 and rescue company 23 were dispatched to a structure fire at a 6 unit two story masonry apartment house.

Chief 23 marked on scene 1.5 minutes later with smoke showing from three apartments in the center of the building. Engine 23, Truck 23, and Wagon 23 arrived within the next minute and forced entry to advance two 1 3/4" lines into the fire apartment. Exposure apartemnts were entered and found heavy smoke and heat conditions but no fire.

Positive pressure ventilation was established on 5 out of five of the six units after verifying that the fire had self vented through the rear of the structure.

Arriving units from Company 24 (Wagon 24 and Attack 24) were established as RIT and assiting with smoke removal from apartments not already being worked. Wagon 10 was staged awaiting assignment.

The fire was contained to the apartment of origin with smoke/heat damage to all six of the units. There were no fire walls or stops in the structure. There was a common attic space for the entire building.

A good job was done by all. There were no injuries and units cleared at approximately 2230 after extensive salvage and overhaul operations.