At approximently 0240 Fire Dispatch tramsmitted Box 917 for a fire at 90 Brown Pl as Engine 22 was approaching down Garfield Ave they reported heavy fire could be seen.The fire was in a vacnat 3 story frm 20 x 60, exposure "B" 2 sty frm seperated by a 4 ft alley exposure"D" a vacant lot, the street was also narrow with numerous overhead lines criss crossing the street. The fire had a hold on the rear of #3 floor with fire eventing out the rear windows and with extension to the cockloft, first due companys made an aggressive interior attack, the 2nd battalion chief decided with the fire in the cockloft and the access promblems getting to the roof(only ground ladders could be used to get to the roof), to hit the 2nd alarm.Fire was getting a good hold of the cockloft and the roof ventilation was getting difficult so it was decided to go to an exterior operation.Tower ladder 4 did manage to get the bucket up but could shoot water from down on to the roof, had very little room to move the bucket, i know of at least 1 firefighter who was injured and was transported to the hospital for smoke inhalation, the fire was brought under control in 2 hours.
This was the 6th muliple alarm for the FDJC in the mouth of August.