Jersey City Fire Dispatch transmitted A box(forgot the #)for a fire at 108 Ocean Ave at 0220 hrs ,the 2nd Battalion Chief was first to arrive and found a smoke condition coming from a 2 sty brick mixed(store fl.1,apt fl .2) attached on the "B"&"D" by similar types.Fire appeared to be on the 2nd fl. rear.Fire started to vent out the rear windows.An additional 1&1 was requsted to the scene ,the the fire was starting to push heavy smoke from the window and starting to extend into the cockloft 2nd alarm was filled out.The fire bulding was briefly evacuated so the heavy fire could be knock down from the rear windows of the exposure D, this building extended further back then the fire building,With the heavy fire knock down companies went back in to knock down the rest of the fire and quickly bringing it under control,there was additional special calls made for more units, so the job could have been a 3rd alarm equivalent.The month of August has been the busiest month of the year so far for muliple alarms for the FDJC (THIS BRINGS THE TOTAL TO SEVEN MULTIPLES)