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    Post Fort Edward NY 2 DAY HAZMAT

    I'm 60 miles away from this incident but it's all over the eastern upstate NY media.

    A railroad tanker carrying anhydrous ammonia developed a leak in this hamlet about 30 miles north of Albany along Route 4 very near the Vermont border. About 600 residents of the hamlet were evacuated to a school and this went on for about 48 hours. Hazmat teams from a wide area of Eastern upstate NY tried in vain to stop the leaking valve. No RR accident, it just started leaking all on its own. They finally transferred most of the cargo to another car and tonight I believe the town is back to normal. After about 48 hours they finally got someone there to seal up the leaking valve to return things to normal.

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    Tim Brockway
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    Yes the hazmat operation in Fort Edward is over!!!!!!!I will quote our final press release dated 9-1-00 at 4:30 pm:

    A tank car that began leaking Anhydrous Ammonia in the Canadian Pacific rail yard in the Village of Fort Edward, New York at 10:44pm on Tuesday August 29th was successfully capped,and the ammonia leak stopped at 3:15pm September 1st.

    Approx. 800 residents of the Village of Fort Edward that had been evacuated Tuesday and early Wednesday, will be allowed to return to their homes in stages beginning at approx. 5:30pm today.

    The capping operation, led by the Fort Edward Fire Dept. assisted by state, federal and local industry hazardous materials experts, was completed without injury.

    A metal cap from a Finch Pruyn and Co. hazardous materials kit was modified by the Doty Machine Corp. of Fort Edward, and installed on the tanker car by I.T. Corp. technicians working for CP Rail.

    Success of this operation was made possible by the combined efforts of Fire Ems and Police agencies from Washington, Warren, Saratoga and Rennselaer counties in New York and Bennington and Rutland counties in Vermont. In addition support services were provided by state and local elected officals, federal public safty, health and emergency management agencies, The American Red Cross, and the North Country SPCA.

    Tim Brockway
    3rd Asst Chief
    Fort Edward Fire Dept.

    Tim Brockway
    3rd Asst. Chief
    Fort Edward Fire Dept. NY

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