After a busy month of August the FDJC starts off the month of September with an ALL hands plus,a 2nd alarm and all hands fire for the first day of September.
The first fire an all hands plus a special call for 1&1 for the address of 733 Westside Ave (bx515) at 0400 hrs fire was in a 2 sty brick mixed occupancy fire was quickly put under control.One firefighter fell thru the stairs but luckly suffer only minor injuries.
The 2nd fire came in at 1000 hrs for the address of 34 Gautier Ave ironicly the same box # 515.The fire building was a 2.5 sty frm 25x50 heavy fire second floor rear.Fire was starting to extend to the "D" exposure, first a special call was ask for(1p,1L)but with in 3 seconds a 2nd alarm was requested.The heavy fire was knockdown quickly and the extension to the exposure"d"was only to the exterior. It was an hot HUMID day so all companies were rotated for overhaul,
The all hands fire was at 400 Baldwin Ave a 1 sty commercial attach on the "B"&"D" the fire was quickly knockdown once again, but due to the humidity all hands were used for the overhaul process