On August 29,2000 at 03:36 in the early morning, units were dispatched for a apartment builing on fire at 426 N. Locust St.. First unit on the scene was the shift commander of the 3rd Battalion, advising of a working fire. First engine in layed a supply line up pasted the building and a lined was pulled and advanced up the front stairwell to the third floor. Upon reaching the third floor firefighters encountered extreme heat and smoke. Unable to reach the fire the command started the second alarm for additional manpower. As an engine made it's way back a narrow alley, two lines were pulled and advanced up the back stairway outside to the third floor where firefighters encountered heavy fire. Firefighters from multiple companies made their way inside and knock the fire in about 30 minutes. As the firefighters made their way inside another crew proceded to venilate the roof. As units started to pull unused lines out of the building and the fire marshals were starting their investigation a fire broke out up in the roof area. Firefighters advanced lines to the roof area where fire had broke through and inside once more to contain the fire. The fire was quickly extinguished and the overhaual was to begin. The last unit to clear the scene was around 12pm.