Cincinnati Fire Division
News Release
Media Contact:
Release Date: September 4, 2000
District Chief Thomas LaKamp
Time: 8:25 AM
(513) 352-2333

This is a report on the train derailment in the Northside area of
Cincinnati. Cincinnati Fire Division fire companies were called to Dooley
Bypass and Spring Grove Avenue at 8:25 AM for a possible train derailment.
Upon arrival, responding units found 16 rail cars had been derailed and
damaged. The area was immediately secured until identification of the
material could be confirmed. The Cincinnati Fire Division Hazardous
Materials Unit made entry into the site, and identified the products
involved in the derailment. The following products were involved:

One tank car containing Sodium Hydroxide residue
Two cars containing roofing material
Two cars containing animal fat
Eleven cars containing automobiles and auto parts.

The tank car containing sodium hydroxide residue did not release it's
contents even though the car was on it's side. The containment of this
incident required closing Interstate 75 and Spring Grove Avenue for several

Representatives from CSX are on the scene removing the rail cars and
investigating the incident.
46 fire personnel were required to contain this incident, and remained on
the scene for 8 hours.