charlotte nc,9/5 6501 e. independence blvd bens car audio store lightning strike causes fire to rear of 50x 50 1 story building. fire held to storage room. enines3,29,ladder 29 rescue 3 bn 4. w/f+ 7550 silkstream dr 2 story wood frame house. arson fire started in garage,got into house building has heavy damage to second floor and roof. engines 31,27,22,ladder 27 bn 3 w/f engine 28 rescue 3 mallard creek vfd.2nd alarm 1331 ella street 1 story house used as pool supply company. very heavy fire and haz mat problems.1st alarm engines 13,18,ladder 18 bn2 2nd engines 11,4,22 ladder 13 haz mat 1,2, bn 1. rock hill s.c. cherry road 1 story house blew up due to gas leak house total loss i person in house injuried.
hickory nc major gas leak at valley hills mall. entire mall closed as workers cut 18 inch gas line 4 engines 2 ladders haz mat unit. mall closed one day.
charlotte nc 1523 pecan ave car into house driver pinned 15 min. minor damage to house. engines 6,8,ladder 1 rescue 3 bn1,4